We’re Married!

Yes, it is done! Mr. Lumberjack and I finally are married. COVD-19 really put a wrench in our- and so many others’- wedding plans. The clerk offices were closed until recently. Then, our officiant felt a little ill a couple of days before our day. We decided to do it on Zoom instead of pushing it out any further.

I am proud to announce our patience and resilience has finally paid off. Mr. Lumberjack is legally my husband.

I have been waiting for us to get married to provide my perspective on marriage.

See, my idea of marriage would be considered atypical and for some, usually the religious and traditionalist, unacceptable.

I don’t think couples need to get married. To me, it is all symbolism and there is more than one way to show your commitment to your significant other. Some people marry to only divorce in a couple of years. On the other hand, you have those that never marry and are still smitten with each other since the day they met.

Don’t get me wrong. I like that he is my husband…doesn’t quite roll off the tongue yet. However, he and I have been in a committed relationship for a long, long time. Our relationship doesn’t feel different to me. Marriage doesn’t make me love Mr. Lumberjack more or less. That’s it.

So why did we get married? I sound like an hypocrite after announcing my marriage, right?

Mr. Lumberjack was aligned with not being married, but both our parents really believe in marriage. To them, it is like two people just hanging around together, where both can step out of the relationship at anytime. In my opinion, that happens even if you are legally married.

However, it is about wisely choosing your battles. Do I want to live in constant nagging every time I visit our parents’ home? Not really. So we opted for the wedding, which will be for 2021. We are going to minimize the ceremony, and then have most of the night be a giant party.

Another reason for marriage is legal rights. I honestly couldn’t be added to the same insurance without being married to Mr. Lumberjack. That is one way to push people to “normalize. I ended up doing it, but I will never pass judgement on those who choose not to. Society teaches us we have to do that as our next stage in life, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

You choose how you want to live. You have only one life.

In honor of our private wedding day, we took a couple of photos to remember the day. It was quite difficult being the photographer and subject at the same time. Take a peek at our awkwardness in its prime.

Creating those triangles with my smock.
Mr. Lumberjack cleans up nicely.
Pounding those wedding bands.



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