Fresh Coat of Paint

Hi Globetrotters,

This weekend, Mr. Lumberjack and I committed to painting our place. We even took an additional day from work to get it completed.

We woke up fairly early and started with the tape. Phew, let me tell you. When you have loft ceilings, covering the edges is hard work. Even the exposed beams are a lot of work.

We got most of the taping done, minus the bathroom and some edges because we keep under estimating the amount of tape we need. To get it going though, we started painting a wall.

We chose the best color. I love it so much, because it isn’t the basic neutral tone. It is an actual color and I think it really brings the place to life with warmth and escapism. We hope to get this all done by end of Monday. Cross our fingers that we don’t get distracted.

Meanwhile, poor Loki was missing our attention. He could not lay quietly in a corner. He had to snoop and kept getting paint on our wooden floors. He is the sweetest boy and makes the monotonous a lot more fun.

I hope to have the final paint job completed for next week.



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