Putting down the PaintBrush

Hi Globetrotters

Mr. Lumberjack and I finally finished the main walls. 10 gallons and 4 rolls of painter’s tape later, we have covered our entire loft with fresh paint. The only things we didn’t paint were the inside of our closets and our laundry room, which we plan on painting but we need help dismantling the kit.

The first few days, we were all gung ho. We climbed those ladders to tape as much of the ceiling as we could. Little did we know, that tape had some bleeding. We went over each wall twice, cleaned up the bleeding and pinstriped the nooks and crannies. Whoever did the original caulking and wall plaster needs some improvement; Unfortunately, we couldn’t undo those, so we painted over it as best as we could. Feel free to hire us for a quality paint job.

The end result is beautiful, a joy factor of 1000. We chose two main colors: Chinese Porcelain and Moonlit Snow.

We didn’t bother looking at brands. We knew we wanted blue, so we chose the one that spoke to us. It was between PPG’s Animation and PPG’s Chinese Porcelain. Animation is a more vibrant blue, but when we took the paint strips home, Animation was too loud for us in the daylight. Chinese Porcelain is a muted cobalt blue. It reminds me of Lake Lorraine on a cloudy day.

Choosing the white was fairly easy. Once we decided on Chinese Porcelain, we took a bunch of white colors and held it up against the blue color. Moonlit snow is bright, but it isn’t stark white. We’re all about the cleanliness look, but we don’t want the sanitation-factory look. It has some blue gray undertones to it, which would tie into the blue color.

Here are some before and afters with the color, granted some of the before photos were taken with yellow-toned lighting. However, you can see the original color was a light beige for the majority of the walls. The previous owners also painted some dark gray in the bathroom and kitchen , which was a little too dark for our taste.

We’re happy on the change. It’s becoming more like a real home. The colors are richer and bolder, and yet, I feel a calm energy. Before, the beige was always putting me to sleep, zero energy.

There will be more painting in the future. Like I said, we still need to do the laundry room. With bad luck, the paint in the ceiling peeled off as we ripped off the tape. We’ll give it a rest for now, but we definitely want to avoid mold. In the meantime, the next project is getting our storage locker organized.




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