City Escape Garden Center and Design Studio

Hi Globetrotters,

It’s happening. I am turning into a crazy plant hoarder. While I begin building my plant family (look at Loki being goofy), I want to show you some beautiful garden centers.

These garden centers are oasis inside of Chicago, especially when the shops take the time to creatively decorate with plants. We found City Escape online, which is on the outskirts of the West Loop.

Right when you enter, you are greeted with some lemon trees ($400 each). I have always wanted one. One year, all the lemon trees were taken so I settled for a lime tree. It completely died. I am going to blame it on the minimal lighting in my apartment.

Unfortunately, the price tag wasn’t speaking my language. This is a higher-end garden center, but you can get a lot of inspiration here. There are a lot of great planter colors. Also, the variety of plants are beautiful.

Take a look:

The boat idea is my favorite. I would give it a try if I have the chance to buy a wooden boat. Looking at that makes me wish I bought 3rd floor property. I would have the skylight to feed these luscious plants. Cross my fingers my thumb turns green.

I need the indoor jungle of my dreams.



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