A Letter to Mi Amor

HI Globetrotters,

It’s getting close to the big day, which is exciting but also a relief. I have so much to say to Mr. Lumberjack, and I’ll save the real vows for him and our family. However, I do want to write a dedicated post to him. Through all the trials and tribulations, we have come a long way and strengthened our bond as a family. It would be difficult for anyone or anything to come between us.

To mi amor, boo bear, a**hole (yes, we call each other this…among other “mean” things),

From the first few encounters, I knew that I wanted to date you. You had the masculine look that I was attracted to, you were pleasant to work and always cool as a cucumber. Of course, you were oblivious and such a guy. I lost my patience, and what I thought, the run-around, so I asked you, point-blank, if you liked me or not.

That was the catalyst to our relationship.

For about 4 months, we only had each other. No one really knew about our relationship; they only heard rumors. That was completely fine with me. We took it slow and learned more about each other than most people do in a year. You knew what drove me and I knew what drove you, and I guess we figured out that we were on very similar paths.

That was the foundation to our relationship.

In April of 2014, you took me to your parents’ house for a dinner. Your brother, (we’ll call him Captain Martian), made a chicken dinner. I commented that it needed some salt, and everyone laughed, including your dad. He and I get along so well, even though there is a slight language barrier.

The following week, I took you to my parents’ house. We had a lunch and my parents dressed up for you to ask you the serious questions in life, “What were your intentions?” The dinner was good, but the vibe was awkward. However, they had to see you at some point.

That was the introduction of our relationship.

While your parents accepted me right away. My parents had their comments about you and your family. To them, you were not good enough for me. They listed out their shallow reasons. At first, I privately fought with them, hoping they would realize their prejudice. It didn’t happen, and then you knew everything. I angry cried to you almost every week, but you always showed up to kill them with kindness.

That was the stress to our relationship.

Ever since then, my parents said they would “accept” you while they would whisper in my ear that I could do better. 7 years and we’re still together. You and I got our puppy, Loki, who really brought more life and energy to our lives. You got on one knee and declared you wanted to spend eternity with me.

That was the commitment of a lifetime.

Now, we’re here. We have our little family and our extended family. My parents finally accept you, since you and I are “officially” a pair…like peanut butter and jelly…or two emperor penguins…or Clark Kent & Lois Lane. We have a lot of history and perseverance to make this partnership work. You are a shining example of love, and for that, I’ll always love you.

This is the next chapter of our journey.



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