Self-Photoshoot: Lighthouse Socks

Hi Globetrotters,

Today is one of those days. It’s super slow and I just want to relax. I want to hone in on my new craft and become a better photographer. The last photoshoot was during my marriage ceremony, so I decided to take some more photos and edit under a different style. I love seeing the before and after photos.

I don’t have a tripod yet, so after stacking the camera on a bunch of books, I decided to accept the camera won’t be set up beautifully. Instead, I worked around it. Life.

Here is me in front of that blue backdrop (link to painting post):

Special thanks to my friend, Mari, for getting me these cute socks. It took me way too long to put them on, because I like to take care of my new things (keep them in mint condition). However, I love crazy socks. They really make me happy.

Along with that, I’m happy with my progress. Each time I snap a photo or edit, I learn something new. I hope you enjoyed them.



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