Phil’s Friends Blanket-Making

Hi Globetrotters,

There are times I miss my colleagues. We work remote pretty much 5 days a week. I have acclimated to the new work environment, and love saving money from zero commuting.

This may be the new work culture, and I thought I would be 100% for it. However, I want the human connection. When it came time to organize a volunteer event for the team, we wanted options for everyone’s comfort levels.

We decided to do Phil’s Friends, which creates care packages for cancer patients. We chipped in with blanket-making.

Everyone lives in all directions outside of Chicago. I offered to host at my place, made sure to implement CDC guidelines (minus the group photo) and opened all our windows. Those who could not attend, we shipped blanket kits to them and video chat them.

I am super proud of us. We were able to adapt and make lemonade out of our lemons. Nothing felt greater to see my colleagues and for a great cause too.

Pictures here:

Please check out Phil’s Friends if you are interested in doing some community work.



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