Oromo Café

Hi Globetrotters,

Mr. Lumberjack and I found our new café spot, Oromo Café. When we settle on one, we become one of the most loyal customers ever. I actually prefer café settings over restaurants, because there is a leisurely mood that comes with cafés.

Oromo Café is a shop underneath the Western Blue line stop. I am unsure of the name’s origin, but I searched online. The only thing I could find is Oromo is a group of nomads in eastern Africa. The name means “free born people.” I love that meaning. I also love the tea, because it isn’t overly sweet and you can tell they use cane sugar, none of the heavy syrup.

I am also a huge fan of the decor. The owner has the same tastes as me. It is very industrial with a mixture of healthy plants here and there. I want to pluck a leaf for propagation sometines, but that would be rude. They are just so beautiful though and I’m the freak that goes around touching all the leaves.

The café has so many things going for it, but it has a lot of competition. It is near a train stop in a young neighborhood. This means there are coffee offered on every block. Across the the street is a Starbucks, one block north is McDonald’s coffee, then one block south is Dark Matter Coffee. They are big players in the coffee scene.

I have a feeling Chicago may have another stay-at-home order. With already small profit margins, restaurants/cafés will struggle, especially the locally-owned ones. I’d hate for them to go out of business.

If you are in the area, please support this business. The product and service are amazing and they are different from all the giant coffee companies. It is located underneath the Blue line Western stop, near the corners of Milwaukee Ave and Western Ave.



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