Thanksgiving 2020

Hi Globetrotters,

What a successful Thanksgiving. Maybe because it was smaller this year, but I feel like there was zero stress of cooking. Maybe it was the ability to prep the day before.

Mr. Lumberjack and I made a lasagna, swapped our the beef for turkey because I know my mother, and a mushroom celery salad. My brother bought some Chinese food and we had a delicious hoshpach lunch.

Afterwards, we spent a few hour at the house. I found some of my old Vietnamese learning books. It brought back a lot of wonderful memories. Then, my mom gave me this piggy squeeze ball (featured picture) for my hand. It sounds so stupid, but it made me happy so now it is front and center in the living room.

For dinner, we headed to Mr. Lumberjack’s family home. His family is more traditional and usually a lot of people come over for a plate of food. Due to the pandemic, of course, we restricted it to only immediate family.

Everything was delicious. Also, since we didn’t have any bread rolls, no one got the itis. It was great. Then, we played a lot of Smashbros, and it’s been a while. It is so nice to play with the bros.

I found this year to be simpler and more intimate. I actually prefer it that way. I didn’t have to dress up for anyone, feel the need to unbutton my pants and then plop onto the couch to nap. 2020 has some silverlinings.



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