Gallery Wall Photos

Hi Globetrotters,

With this blog, I wanted to get better at taking and editing photos. I do like a good photo and I have always admired professional photographers. They are living their dream on their own terms.

Mr. Lumberjack bought me a mirror less DSLR two Christmases ago. He noticed that I was looking at them, but I was never going to buy it because they are pretty expensive.

He is so thoughtful. I have edited before with my phone photos. However, with DSLR you can shoot in raw, which stores a lot more color information. Therefore, when you edit, it is really hard to lose a lot of color and get empty black, pixalated squares.

I tried purchasing a tripod for low shutter speed photos and time-lapses, but both times I got a dysfunctional one. So for now, we will stick with holding the camera or hacking them with my books.

For the next handful of posts, I am going to go back and edit old photos when I get the chance. Mr. Lumberjack and I want to build a gallery wall in our bedroom once we get the bed frame. Might as well be prepared with our favorite memories.

Here is a photo that I edited last week:

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