Valentine’s Day 2021

Hi Globetrotters,

Wow, time is flying by us. Mr. Lumberjack and I are staying indoors this year to celebrate Valentine’s Day and our two year “engagement.”

Usually, we would do restaurant the week before and eat at some fancy restaurant, but this year is different because A) we are still dealing with COVID, B) our eating challenge is this week and C) the weather is dumping loads of snow on us.

This year, I will order delivery and we plan on doing a couple photoshoot. Photos to come soon after I do some editing. I am pretty excited because we don’t take many photos together.

Lastly, Mr. Lumberjack ditched the flowers and chocolate this year and got me some adorable indoor plants. He honestly knows me so well. I told him, “The plant represents our love. If they die, it means our love dies.” I kid.

It is very low-key-nothing flashy- today. It is everything our love languages need and I’m here for it.

How are you spending your day?



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