Meatless Month

Hi Globetrotters,

I am declaring it here that we are going meatless during lent (Feb 17 – Apr 3). I am by no means Catholic, but Mr. Lumberjack’s mother honors it.

So to join in and keep a short-term goal, we are going to try a vegetarian diet. I don’t eat a lot of meat in each meal, but it is present in most of my meals.

However, I know to reduce my meat consumption would lower the animal demand (not much, but just my part). Of course, that would reduce the need to breed animals and lower carbon emissions.

I have tried in the past, but it has only lasted for a week. The main issue is I am around meat eaters, so I don’t like to inconvenience others. Also, I don’t know many vegetarian go-to meals. It either becomes more work than searing a piece of meat on the pan, or I end up eating a heaping pile of roasted vegetables.

That always leads me to feeling super bored with my food, or I get these massive headaches. Vegetables are low in calories, so you have to eat a lot to hit your recommended daily calories.

In order to make this more achievable, I am making a time-specific goal with let’s 45 days as my guide. I also am going in with the mentality that this is to test if I can even do it. Who knows if I return back to meat afterwards.

My dream one day is to retire on a farm with ducks, silk chickens, goats (although their rectangle pupils freak me out) and hairy cows. I don’t know if I would have the stomach to eat those animals if I raise them. Time will tell. However, this would be a great first step to avoid that future dilemma.

Do you have any goals you would like to hit?

Photo by Sunsetoned from Pexels



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