Meatless Month Update

Hi Globetrotters,

I am enjoying this vegetarian diet for the lent period. It is so much easier to manage compared to the other times I have tried vegetarianism.

The main reason is I am googling the recipes in advance and pretty much meal plan for the week. Also, the food I am making is actually cooked meals, not some bag of crackers.

Last night, Mr. Lumberjack and I made some homemade tofu bánh mì. It was so good with the marinated tofu and pickled cabbage. We ended up eating two sandwiches each.

The biggest thing I am enjoying, besides making good food, is my gut loves it. I always get stomach ache and bloat. Ever since, I am eating more veggies, my stomach doesn’t hurt.

I am still undecided if I am going to extend this journey. I do miss some delicious things like seafood and smoked chicken. I love those things. I don’t actually miss red meat though, even though it is in my favorite Viet dish- bún bò Huế.

All things to be determined.

Photo by Sunsetoned from Pexels.



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