Patio Remake

Hi Globetrotters,

The last few weeks I have poured myself into our condo. I really love our patio and want to take advantage of it in the summer. I mean, come on. Not every city home gets a patio.

We painted the fence because the wood was very dull. Now, it is a vibrant red-toned wood stain. We are working on power washing the tiles, because the previous owner did not take care of their patio (or dusting for that matter).

We also are working on getting some furniture. We don’t want to just settle. We are limited on space, so we want furniture that can stay outside during the winter.

This weekend, I was so busy doing so many home maintenance things. However, I never felt more rested than ever and it feels really beautiful to have something as your own.

Here is picture. I will share more once the cozy woodland, boho scene comes to life.

Feature Photo by Maria Orlova from Pexels



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