Fire Up the Grill

Hi Globetrotters,

Traveling looks like it will be a 2022 thing for me. With that in mind, I’m finding ways to pass the time. Mr. Lumberjack and I have put in a handful of extra hours to get our home to feel cozy.

We picked up a grill earlier this month. Funny story about that though. Our car was too small for the box, so we called a friend with an SUV. He was in the middle of a meeting, so we hung around the lot.

Once it came into the house, we assembled it. It took us probably 2-3 hours to do it. Well, on the day we wanted to use it, Mr. Lumberjack goes to connect the grill to the propane tank and it is not connecting.

Yup, it was a natural gas grill, one that connects to a gas line in your house. I had no idea there was a difference between natural gas and propane gas.

At this point, we already tossed the box. We called Home Depot, and it was kind enough to accept the grill back. Phew! So now you know to make sure the material description says “Propane Gas.”

That night, we assembled the grill in 1 hour. Things are so much easier the second time around. Our friend needed to pick up something from our condo. We were like, “Heck, let’s just BBQ.”

We did a quick shopping trip for some additional vegetables. I am still doing my vegetarian diet. I make a deadline for myself to decide and then when I reach it, I decide if I want to continue until the next deadline. Who knows? At this rate, months will turn into years.

So we got the meats for Mr. Lumberjack and the corn, eggplant, etc for myself. It turned out so good and I am so proud of us for pulling together an elaborate meal in 1.5 hours. Below is our spread (not pictured is the ribeye on the grill).

I love barbecues and this first one was great. These are the types of memories I cherish- small, intimate gathering of real friends. I can’t wait to open the doors to more guests as our patio comes together.

Photo by Skitterphoto from Pexels



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