DIY Coffee Sack Wall Art

Hi Wonderers,

This DIY is so easy that I am unsure if it is worthy of landing on the blog. Regardless, come take a look at an easy and cheap way to decorate your walls.

Mr. Lumberjack loves coffee. He doesn’t drink it for function. He drinks it for flavor. I, on the other hand, prefer tea and rarely at that.

When I go with him to coffee shops, I notice some really beautiful coffee sacks, which really got the light bulb going.

We asked around if the coffee shops had spare coffee bags. Surprisingly, the answer is no. Where do you get your coffee then? Hmm?

Well we finally found a store that let us take whichever one we wanted, and lucky for us, it had many different designs.

Then, we headed to Michael’s, and to our luck again, they had a big sale on the 24″x36″. That is one tip I can provide. Wait for Michael’s to have picture frame sales. Sometimes they are cheaper than the thrift stores.

Lastly, we trimmed the Sack to fit within the frame. I would recommend fabric scissors to reduce fraying. Also, can I just say how soft are some of these coffee sacks? It might as well become a dress.

Hang it however you like. I like this artwork, because it is a cheap way to take up a lot of wall space. Also, it is rustic, organic and looks intentional.

Give it a try!



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