Montreal: Its Food Scene

Hi Wonderers,

Have any of you been to Montréal? Mr. Lumberjack really wanted to go there on our first vacation this year. I was excited to go, but at the same time, there were other places higher on my travel list.

It turns out, I was pleasantly surprised. Montréal had a lot to offer. The first placed we stopped was a coffee shop, because our Airbnb check-in was an hour later.

The barista could tell we were from out of town and was so sweet. She wrote down some local places she liked to visit. Our Airbnb was near Chinatown, so she recommended to go north for all the hip places.

We definitely liked the north side. It seemed more residential and sometimes like a college town. It was fun. Also, they have so many microbreweries, which made Mr. Lumberjack happy.

Even though the barista said there wasn’t a lot in the area, Chinatown was one of my favorite spots. It’s definitely small compared to Chicago, but it had some of the most deliciously flavored food. I wouldn’t rule that neighborhood out.

Here’s a list of places we actually liked out of all the eateries we tried. Trust me when I say we ate through Montréal!


  • Café Pista | Quartier des Spectacles
  • La Finca
  • Crew Collective & Café
La Finca: First meal and cafe in Montréal.
A very elegant Café in an old-looking building.


  • Hoang Oanh Sandwich
  • Le Coq Frit Express
  • Chungchun Kogo Coreen
  • Qing Hua Dumpling – (ChinaTown & Boul. St-Laurent)


  • Pâtisserie Coco de Montréal
  • Pâtisserie Rhubarbe
This was far for us, but very worth it. The cream between the layers is so refreshing.


  • Le Saint-Bock / Bazaar Microbrasserie
  • Saint-Houblon – Quartier Latin
  • Projet Pilote

I wish I had photos of all the great food. I was too gluttonous and all thoughts of snapping a photo went out the window. I guess you’ll have to go and see for yourself.



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