Chicago Eat: Cebu

Hi Wonderers

I cannot believe I waited so long to try this restaurant. It is the only Filipino restaurant I have seen. I know there are a couple of other ones, but I haven’t searched them on the internet. Why, when you see one in passing all the time?

Cebu is a Filipino restaurant. There are some traditional dishes, but I would say it is mostly Filipino inspired. Mr. Lumberjack has never has Filipino dishes, and I rave about my favorite dishes all the time. Palabok, Dinuguan, Turon anyone?

Lavendar Lychee cocktail. I must try anything floral or purple.

I know a lot of Filipino dishes thanks to my Filipino friends from college. My freshmen year I joined the Philippines Student Association (PSA), where I learned so much about the food, traditions, dance. It really was eye-opening.

I honestly wish there is more Filipino food around Chicago. I feel like the food is slowly starting to enter the market…AND we need more. Pronto! However, for now, you have Cebu.

Mr. Lumberjack and I shared sisig, garlic rice, chicken and ube waffles and halo halo.

The seasoned pork, chicharrones and curd. My favorite dish of the whole meal. Paired with garlic rice and it is a done deal.

The food is really good. One thing is I find Filipino food can be heavy, so I was surprised about the sisig. It had grease, which yum, but I didn’t feel weighed down after I ate it. Also, the halo halo wasn’t too sweet. Maybe because the restaurant skipped the condensed milk or the coconut gel syrup.

A cacophony of everything delicious in this world. We have sorbet. We have chewy coconut gels. We have pandan and ube shaved ice. We have it all.

We were both pleased and happy. I am also excited when I get to introduce Mr. Lumberjack to new things. 4 years in PSA, so 4 years of learnings. Cebu just brings back so many wonderful memories.



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