Thanksgiving 2021

Hi Wonderers,

As usual, the days pass me and I find myself surprised again. We are in the holidays, celebrating our friends and family.

This year has been a tough year for me. I realized that I was not happy with some of my familial relationships. Was I hanging onto these relationships for familial duty or an emotional connection?

However, that is the perk of being an adult. You get to choose with who you want a relationship. I decided that I didn’t want to suject myself to a toxic environment. I’m OK with the bare minimum between them and me.

I am not the most social person, but I value the relationships I have. My circle of friends is small. I don’t mind. It is of the highest caliber. These friends would give me the shirt off their backs.

I had a Friendsgiving, hosted by my friend. She did an amazing job of decorating. The best part was I saw a few college friends I haven’t talked to in awhile. Not only was it great catching up, but it was nice knowing my circle is a lot bigger than I thought.

I also have a great in-law family. Everyone is happy for the other person- for every moment in their life. You feel included and celebrated. It really is about the simple things with them.

We brought over food, played games and watched TV. I loved it. It was small and intimate- no need to entertain any one but ourselves. Also, with last year’s dog bite, the family dog has been another blessing. She is a gentle giant and makes me feel so relaxed around other dogs.

Sometimes, I think about the events that happened this year, which of course opens more bad, past memories. It brings a lot of anger, betrayal and hurt. I really needed this Thanksgiving to remind me I am loved.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. However this year treated you, you have a friend here. You are not walking alone.



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