Aerial Tram (Palm Springs, CA)

Hi Wonderers,

Work has been killing me the last couple of weeks. I started work at 4 AM, hope to end work early, and end around 7 PM. It has been awful. Unfortunately, I get physical reactions from stress like fast gray hair, hives, etc.

So I had to listen to my body and do what makes me happiest- travel. Palm Springs has never been on my list of places to go, but when my friend told me how unique the town is, I had to see for myself.

We did go out to eat a couple of times, but I didn’t get to go as hard as I would like. I would hive like a mad woman. It was annoying. I hope that I can figure out the cause soon.

However, activities were fun. I went to my first driving range and the star of the day was the Aerial Tram.

The Aerial Tram is a gondola that takes you up this 8,000+ feet mountain. It looks desolate and like a bunch of rocks going towards the peak. The other side, though, is so beautiful. It was like night and day.

There is greenery, pine trees, trails. The other side is actually a state park, so there are plenty of trails to hike. We went later in the afternoon to catch magic hour, hence all the colorful backdrops.

If you are already driving out of your way from LAX to get to Palm Springs, don’t skip this. It is worth it and you will have a lot of fun.



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