Honeymoon (Zagreb, Croatia)

Hi Wonderers,

Mr. Lumberjack and I were really excited for this city. Even though it isn’t as sunny and coastal as Split, it had more restaurant options. After all, we do travel mainly for authentic cuisine.

We only had technically 2 full days to explore. One of those days was for Plitcive Lakes. I will post a separate blog post on that trip, because there a few things to note when going there. The other days were during Christmas, and most places close during the holidays (rightfully so). We spent those two days indoors (click here).

During that time, we were focused on looking for the Advant event and fresh food to cook during Christmas. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, one fifth of the vendors didn’t show. Otherwise, vendors would have been spread throughout the city.

Regardless, we enjoyed the Christmas decorations and the vendors’ food that did set up shop. In terms of fresh food, we stopped by a couple of grocery stores. We didn’t find everything we need, but serripitously we ran into a food market. I LOVE food markets. They make me happy to peruse and to purchase from locals.

We bout a handful of things to make a potato, leek soup for the two days. As long as we don’t starve. We are very thankful we found this Airbnb. It is perfect for staying inside and cooking.

To make the most of the day, we walked around the city center. Of course, we made stops at some main attractions like the cathedral, St. Marks and the tunnel. They were close probably due to the holiday. It was still nice to admire them from the outside.

We met a couple of international travelers too. They aren’t really fans of Zagreb; they found it boring. For me, though, I like it a lot. It is a quiet, simple life with coffee culture and walking. I feel really relax here and that is the goal of this whole trip.

I will enjoy the rest of Zagreb indoors during the holidays. I wish everyone a happy holidays and will post on Dubrovnik when we get there.



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