Honeymoon (Dubrovnik, Croatia)

Hi Wonderers,

Dubrovnik takes the cake as favorite Croatian city. The enclosed city is unlike I have ever seen. I walk around and wonder how this place is maintained in pristine shape. It is so special.

We stayed in Old Town Dubrovnik and our driver told us that is pretty much where everything is to see. If you’re a fan of Game of Thrones, there will be many familiar landmarks since Dubrovnik is King’s Landing.

However, if you never watched the show, you will still be amazed. The show chose the location for a reason. Dubrovnik in winter is so refreshing. It was not hot at all. I recommend seeing the churches and the fortresses, and most of all, walk along the wall. You get the best views. Then, you can pretend to be a scout and warn the army of incoming ships.

Just like Split, it is very slow pace here. Locals want you to take your time at the restaurants and shopowners don’t mind if you browse. No one is bothered by anything. It is really refreshing. I feel so stress-free.

I think 3 days to 4 days is enough in Dubrivnik in the winter. The ferries to the Iron Throne weren’t running. You can take a day trip to a city in Bosnia or Montnegro. We opted not to do that in these pandemic times. We had to make sure we could return home.

Also, side note, one of the vendors said to avoid the second week of January to end of March if we choose to visit again. He said that Dubrovnik becomes a ghost town, because most vendors are on vacation during that time.

Croatia has its own character. It shouldn’t be overlooked for a tourist destination. You have kind people, beautiful landscapes and rich culture. Also, it was super safe. What else can you ask for when traveling?

Thank you, Croatia, for your hospitality.



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