Victoria, Spain Experience

Hi Wonderers,

Victoria isn’t a popular tourist destination, but we stopped here for a couple of days. Mr. Lumberjack used to come here for work and he has made some very genuine friends.

I of course wanted to meet these friends, especially since I have heard so much about them. I am actually in a group chat with one of them, so I guess we are kind of like pen pals.

Vitoria is small and there aren’t a lot of attractions. However, every city/town has its own charm if you look hard enough. Vitoria is full of charm.

The people are happy to see you. They are open and generous. Also, it is a simple life, where you work just enough and enjoy your life. Pinxtos are everywhere and you basically just pinxto hop with your friends.

I was happy to see some locals and I am very grateful they were superb hosts. I have known a particular family for some time, since they would visit us when they were in Chicago.

To hang out with their child, made me so happy. He is a handful, but he is also very cute and outgoing. I like practicing my Spanish, because my Spanish is on a first grade level. Jaja.

Mr. Lumberjack loves it there. I am more of a city girl, but I can see why people love this strong community here. I hope to visit again to visit our friends.

Two pictures from Vitoria. I wasn’t sure if our friends wanted their pictures posted online, so I am keeping it to only these two.



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