Madrid, Spain Experience

Hi Wonderers,

For our last stop, we ended up in Madrid. Madrid is my kind of city. It doesn’t feel very big or busy like Chicago, but I think it is the same size. There is plenty to do and see, and of course, eat.

Madrid was one of the hillier cities we visited, so there was LISS (that low impact exercise trend). We walked everywhere. It was also hot, so I really felt like I got my workout.

We stayed near Plaza del Sol, which has a lot of restaurants and shopping. Plaza del Sol is considered the center of the city. It made it easy to get to all the attractions. I recommend you try finding a place near the Plaza if you get the opportunity.

One insider tip, our waitress at this amazing Italian place told us about the Hotel RIU rooftop. You can get great city views from there. I recommend getting reservations in order to get a seat. Otherwise, you will only be allowed to walk to the bar and take pictures and then go to the gastrobar (a floor down).

I really like Madrid and I can see myself returning here. I do miss one thing though, Chicago junk food and variety of food. We had a lot of potatoes in Madrid and Spain in general. Chicago has food from so many cultures spread around the city; you always have options no matter where you are.

It was a fun experience. In the next post, I will give you a high-level itinerary and how we hopped from city to city. We didn’t follow any plans for sites, but with the amount of days spent, you will see A LOT.

Pictures from Madrid:



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