Portugal Adventures

Hi Wonderers,

I really thought I would have to forfeit my airline ticket, because I am full on pregnant. I purchased flights to Portugal before I discovered that I had an alien growing inside of me.

But…I am here. So far, it is as good as it can be. I get the occasional swollen feet, carpal tunnel fingers and backaches. However, it could be a lot worse. Thank you to my travel mates for accommodating my eating schedule.

I honestly would have had FOMO. We are doing a roadtrip around Portugal, stopping in 5 cities. This is the first trip, where I stopped by more than two cities and most things have been very flex. I haven’t had to drive yet, Muahaha, just be a backseat passenger. Again, thank you to my travel mates for taking me around the country.

I will document my travels later with an itinerary and some pictures. Due to some pregnancy restrictions, I can’t eat whatever I wanted on this trip. I will just have to come back with my baby one day.

I love the people here. They are so friendly and everyone is genuinely happy for me. They congratulate me, one lady touched my belly and I get extra food for the baby. I appreciate them so much. Let me tell you that in the USA, no one has offered me their public transportation seat yet, even though my belly is so apparent.

It is a vibe here. I really encourage everyone to come and to casually see this beautiful country. It is the perfect relaxing destination, especially pre-birth. The flight isn’t bad either.



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