DIY Murphy Bed

Hi Wonders,

Mr. Lumberjack wanted a second bed for our guests. The second room isn’t the biggest, so we needed it to fold when unused. That is where the Murphy Bed comes in.

Murphy beds are really expensive, and some of the colors are horrendous. I also find them either very minimal or too chunky. I needed a happy medium.

Mr. Lumberjack found a DIY on YouTube, and we loved the design. Mine you that the lady made it easy, but it is really hard, especially when we didn’t have the tools or space.

It turned out pretty good, but I am not 100% happy with it. I tried to fix a polyurethane streak while it was already on the wall. The bristles on the brush made it worse. There are some other flaws that will bother my eyes. However, it gets the job done.

I just need to remember about the progression/journey, not the destination. On top of that, the more we build for our own condo, the more I feel like this is OUR home. I am so proud of us in streghtening something Mr. Lumberjack share.

Here are some progression photos:

Now, we have polyeurathaned the wood and are putting together the bed frame.
We are still putting the frame together and adding the mechanical contraptions, so the bed properly opens and closes.
The bed is now upright. We have to find the right position, so the closet doors open. We also need to find the studs, so this bed doesn’t topple on anyone.
We bought handrails, spray painted it and then attached it to the bed. Lastly, we firmly anchored to the wall, so it wouldn’t topple onto anyone.

Enjoy continuing your journey in 2023.



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