Traveling disrupts my personal monotony. I love it so much. There is always something new to see, to do and to remember. The type of vacations I love are the most basic ones. Meaning, I don’t usually go for luxury (not saying I wouldn’t try) stays; I like walking the streets and seeing how locals live. Most importantly, I like eating what locals eat.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
March 2017


This was my first resort trip. I can’t cannot say I didn’t like it. Resorts took all the planning away- no mess, no stress. Best food was the taco. Alma (fact: It means soul in Spanish) was manning the grill and had 9 different salsas out. She rocked it. Also, if you love tamarind like me, Mexico is perfect for tamarind candy, tamarind water and tamarind paletas.

New York, New York
June 2017

An improptu trip is what I needed to liven up a work trip. NYC is such a famous place, so being there for 6 hours is a magical elixir for weeks. I didn’t eat anything really unique, but the adventure was enough for me. Until next time, NYC! I still need to try those famous Korean ice cream cones that always is on Instagram.

Vancouver, Canada
July 2017

Such an amazing trip. I love Canada and it’s a big country- a lot of explore. Canada is well-known for its all-dressed flavored junk food and of course, poutine. I had to do as the locals do and eat those up. Another notable thing is the coffee shops, the local mentality and the hills. Those hills…really work up an appetite. We also stopped by Whistler, a ski town 2 hours away, which isn’t technically Vancouver. It’s a unique place on its own. I’m always amazed by Canada.

Seattle, WashingtonIMG_20170714_141323494
July 2017

I got my second Seattle fix. One of my favorite foodie scenes. I asked a local for some restaurant suggestions, and he did not disappoint. It’s all about the quality of the food there, not quantity. So although I didn’t get much on my plate, I had a lot in my heart (corny, I know). I can’t wait to return here.

Minneapolis, Minnesota
August 2017

When my parents immigrated here, we had the sweetest family support us. They got us clothes, food and shelter. We found out the wife, Grandma Winnes, passed away and made a trip out there to visit their family. Along the way, I met up with my cousins, and my niece for the first time.

Los Angeles, California
November 2017

I went to visit my aunt and cousins, knowing this year was hard for them. In Vietnamese culture, we do an honorary dinner for the deceased, and that is what we did for my uncle-in-law. It was great to see them again.

Los Angeles, California
December 2017

I got sent out to California to do the year-end physical count for one of our warehouses, which was an hour away from Los Angeles. I decided to extend the trip and head to Disneyland for my birthday.

San Francisco, California
January, 2018

Mr. Lumberjack and I finally had a chance to go to Hawaii and we made San Francisco our layover. I have been to San Francisco before but Mr. Lumberjack haven’t. On the trip, I got to meet up with my old childhood friend and see some familiar places.

Honolulu, Hawaii
January, 2018

I came to meet my college roommate. Along the way, we enjoyed one of the most relaxing trips, I gave ever had. There was a lot of beach time, and I needed that so badly.

St. Paul, Minnesota
February 2018

My cousin got married, so I had to go be there for one of her biggest moments. I have been to Minnesota so many times, because I have a lot of family there. I didn’t do much sightseeing, especially since I was there for the wedding anyways.

New York, New York
April 2018

I got sent to another warehouse for a day. I decided to go see a friend in Brooklyn the day I flew in. There wasn’t much I did. I was only there to see my friend, so no blog post or pictures here.

Reykavik, Iceland
June 2018

What a wonderful place to start off my Euro trip. I used Iceland as a cheap way to get into Europe, but it was a great pit stop. With less than 24 hours there, I explored as much as I could and had so much fun. So much untouched land equals a lot of natural wonders.

Budapest, Hungary
June 2018

My second country for my brief Euro trip. I chose this country after wanting to go for the longest time. I made it happen. I spent 4 days there and I honestly think I could have spent an additional 2 days there. There is just so much to see.

Barcelona, Spain
July 2018

The last and final stop. My friend chose this city, and I am glad he did. I fell in love with Spain the minute I stepped foot out of the airport. The architecture is so beautiful and so is the language. I got to practice my Spanish the whole time.

Los Angeles, California
July 2018

I flew out for my cousin’s wedding. I love seeing my family and being there for others’ happiness. Set in the mountains, I strolled into a very beautiful scene. It was a short trip but was very meaningful.

Yosemite National Park, California
Oct 2018

As a 60th birthday to my mom, we all went to a national park. She is a huge nature-lover, so this was perfect for her and my parents and I got some bonding time. That is all a parent really wants, right?

November 2018

An early gift to myself and Mr. Lumberjack, we packed our bags to Morocco. This is one of the most memorable trips I have been on, and it really renewed my sense of adventure.

Havana, Cuba
May 2019

This will be one of my most memorable. Not only did I feel a connection to the country, but I had a great time with my fiancee. Because we already had a trip planned, we decided to take our engagement photos here.

October 2019


One of the more physical trips that I’ve taken, I love the people of Peru. The people are kind and live a quiet mountain life. Also, this place has a ton of history and it’s impossible to ignore the amazing advances back in the day. This country is fabulous, and I feel like I need to make a second trip to see the rest of it.