Chicago Eats: The Dawson

Hi Wonderers,

I found a everyone-will-like-this restaurant. I’ve been here 3 times and each time, I have loved the food, ambiance and service.

Located on Grand Ave and Milwaukee Avenue, take the Blue line to the black glass building. Once inside, you will have the choice to sit indoors or outdoors.

For all the times I have been here, I have chose outdoor. In the fall, they have heaters but also an outdoor fireplace.

I love the space so much, because it is fenced off. Grand Ave and Milwaukee is a really busy intersection, and it is literally on the corner. You just feel like you are in between the city and an a quiet oasis.

On top of that, each time the servers are happy to greet you. They make small talk and check up on you to confirm the food is good and you have a constant refill of water. I always leave well-hydrated.

And then the FOOD. Let’s talk about the food. The first time we were there was fall during the dinner rush. There was this one dish, pistachio mole, that must be seasonal. It was an elevated spin on the Mexican dish, mole.

The appearance of the pistachio was not the best. Just think of the pistachio nut color mushed up and you use your imagination of what it looks like. Regardless, the taste is so superb and I keep thinking about it.

The other two times, I went for brunch. The place doesn’t have too many savory vegetarian dishes. However, whatever you order, you will enjoy the food. The food is top notch.

This place deserves all the praise. Head over there to give it a try.



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  1. blainerestaurantreport

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen an outdoor fireplace. And I totally understand the feeling you’re talking about as in a fenced in oasis. If you ever visit New Orleans and walk through the French Quarter you’ll see a crowded tourist area, but if you go into some of the houses they’ll have a beautiful courtyard that you wouldn’t expect to see.


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