Hi again! So I am really excited to tell you guys about this local establishment, Yoberri. My friend and I were walking around his neighborhood on a super hot day. We saw some animals at Lincoln Park Zoo and then started wandering around for food.

We came across Yoberri, which if you couldn’t guess, is a frozen yogurt shop. I decided to get a berry smoothie. To be honest, it was a little hard for me to finish. It was overwhelmingly thick and sweet.

Fast forward a year, and Mr. Lumberjack and I stumbled upon a food festival. We were stuffed BUT we didn’t want to miss out on the food. What do the kids call it these days? Oh right, FOBO (fear of missing out). So we literally went out of our way to find an ATM and pulled out cash. We had our eyes on this blueberry lavendar ice cream.

That ice cream was amazing. I could taste the fruit and flower notes. It wasn’t too sweet. Getting a small cup was the perfect size. I really wanted to buy the pint, but we were taking the train home. No one wants a soup mess.

We went home to look for it online, and lo and behold, it was the same place I tried a year ago. Last Wednesday, we took a lovely walk around town and then hunted for this place. This time, I tried the blackberry lemonade flavor. It is just as good as the blueberry lavendar.

I really love this place. Dare I say it is my favorite ice cream place? I do; It is my favorite ice cream place. This shop is local, meaning it is only unique to Chicago. Also, there is currently only one shop, so the UNIQUE factor just went up 10 points. Come look for this place next time you visit Lincoln Park Zoo. Your taste buds will explode.


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