Wedding Photos

Hi Globetrotters,

Like I said in my previous DIY Wedding Bouquet post, I ended up canceling my wedding. However, I still wanted a couple of normal things to make the day feel special. We kept our original photographer, Michael Nguyen, and instead of taking photos at the venue, he took us around Chicago for 6 hours.

It ended up being cold later in the day, but perfect weather for photography because there wasn’t any harsh sun (bad for creating serious shadow). He pretty much planned all the locations for us and then we had 30 minutes at the end, so I picked something lowkey. In the end I chose a donut shop, because eating really represents my life.

We couldn’t have asked for a better photographer. Michael is so friendly and calm. As client, you can definitely say what type of photos you want and where, but we didn’t want to plan anything else. Michael did all of that leg work for us. He also knows how to hold a conversation and makes you feel so comfortable. That is saying a lot, because Mr. Lumberjack and I are very awkward people, especially in front of the camera. He’s really the best hype man.

I really believe if people do an exceptional job, then they deserve to be recognized for it. Michael deserves all eyes on his work. He’s very professional, owns his craft and is very efficienct. We really recommend him, so please visit his website if you are interested.

See below for some of our wedding photos. I posted a few more on my Instagram (@amyciaobella). The rest with be something special for just Mr. Lumberjack and myself.

Until next time…



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