Bathroom Update

Another home project is in the books. We had so many projects going on that it was becoming overwhelming. We had to slow down a bit. We would like to remodel the bathroom one day, but right now, it doesn’t make sense to spend the moolah.

When we moved in, the bathroom had a sad gray paint. It was very drab and sad. Therefore, we painted it white like the other parts of the home. It definitely brought a lot of light and lifted the mood. Eventually, it looked too sterile and lacked a lot of personality.

We also had no towel racks, which I find gross. I don’t like drying a towel all scrunched un on a peg. It gets so musty, and the scent lingers throughout the bathroom. I think it’s just asking for mold that can’t be seen with the naked eye.

With those things in mind, we decided to paint the bathroom. We wanted some color, but it needed to work with the PPG Chinese Porcelain color we had. I really like pink, but there’s so many. The best method for me is to take the sample at the store and walk around with it everywhere. I held up the color and knew I wanted Santolina Blooms in Satin finish from PPG. Look how this pink works with the blue.

I also wanted a pattern on the bathroom. I’m thinking this condo is becoming more and more jungle themed and less mid-century modern. Look at the before and after. Afterwards, I’ll list where I got some of the things. We plan on adding a floating shelf, but we have to find the perfect one.

Here are some of the things we purchased for the bathroom:

  1. Berry Towels: Great pop of color for the light, easy pink bathroom color.
  2. Berry Bath Rug: Great pop of color for the light, easy pink bathroom color.
  3. Cheetah Wallpaper: The pink and orange is no longer being sold, but they have black and orange though.
  4. Bath Towel Rods: Sleek, industrial rod to hold up any towels.
  5. Hand Towel Rod: Sleek, industrial rod to hold up any towels.
  6. Robe Hooks: Sleek, industrial hook to hold up any clothes and towels.

I know the pink isn’t everyone’s style. Regardless, I hope any of these purchased items help you. While the white, minimalist style is beautiful, color just adds so much warmth to a home. Spice up your life. If I ended up building my own floating shelf, I’ll make sure to share which resource I used and the finished product.



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