Honeymoon (Split, Croatia)

Hi Wonderers,

After waiting so long and skipping vacation days throughout the year, Mr. Lumberjack and I have collected enough days to fully enjoy our honeymoon in Croatia.

We started in Split, which is a major city along the coastline. It seems like a popular European destination. For the winter, the weather is still warm in the day and a little chilly in the evening like a Chicago September day.

We stayed in Old Town, so there are many alleyways and worn down cobble stones to get up to our building. Eventually, you explore and become used to your surroundings. Also, you’d think it would be dangerous walking in the alleys by yourself, but nope. I felt 100% safe the whole time.

SO MUCH CHARM TOO. There are giant medieval stones, uneven stairs, Romeo and Juliet balconies and so much allure. Once strolling through the alleys, it will open into these large plazas. Kids are running around and tourists are casually dining. You get diners in alleys too. There is always life and I find that super appealing.

You will find it difficult to become lost here. It reminds me of Chicago. As long as you know the sea is on your west, you can use that as a landmark to orient yourself. Maybe the same cat will lounge on a corner and wait for the typical crumbs. You can use the cat as a guide. 😀

Mr. Lumberjack and I walked outside of Old Town too. One day we walked to Plaza Jezinac and then another day we walked inland towards the city and then Plaza Bacvice. It is really easy to stay skinny here. I just had to walk everywhere; I love European lif3.

Split is beautiful. We stayed for 5 days, but I think you can get away with 3 days in the winter. In the summer, you might want the extra days to hang around the islands on a yacht. We absolutely loved the slow-paced life, sitting along the seaside eating warm chestnuts.

Our next sop is Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. We are excited to see what city-life looks like in Croatia. I’ll let you know soon.

See you next time.



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