Hungry in Hungary

An old tired joke, I am sure. But Hungary sounds like hungry, so what does that make me think of? Food. Hungary is a haven for good food and they are very affordable too. See below for some of the best of Hungary.

Kürtöskalács- aka Chimney Cakes. These hollow logs are flaky and sometimes filled with the most delicious filling. You can have the best sweetest filling, but I went for savory. My friend got the sweet one.

Lángos- Flat, fried plate of dough slathered with deliciousness. Once again, I went for the savory half, which had sour cream and cheese. My friend got the sweet side, and as you can see, it was a healthy spread of Nutella.

Gulyás- also called goulash. With the tender beef and softened vegetables, this stew is the best comfort food. There were many times when I just wanted to go easy on my stomach and it was the best, light meal to have.

Almás Rétes- One of Hungary’s renowned desserts- Apple strudel. We were at a higher-end place when we ordered this, so I am sure this is not an everyday Almás Rétes. However, it was very tasty and the best welcome to Hungary.

Somlói Galuska- I didn’t actually eat this; My friend had to have it. This is apparently another famous Hungarian dessert. Our tour guide even mentioned this as one of her favorites.

And that’s it. The five things you need to try when you’re in Budapest. These are famous in all of Budapest, so they shouldn’t be hard to find. Let me know what you think.

Until next time…


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