Travel & Politics

As you’ve seen with a couple of my pictures, there is a lot to see out there. There are even some very beautiful places in some scary places too, at least from what I hear in the media.

For example, in the U.S. we hear a lot of negative news about the Middle East region. While yes, some countries are going through some very rough times, that doesn’t mean other countries are affected by it. I want to be smart on where I go, but I also I don’t want fear-mongering to stop me from going to certain places.

It leads me to wonder when do I draw the line to where I am willing to travel. I have been thinking lately of heading to Middle Eastern countries. There are three that I want to go to: Morocco, Jordan and Turkey (is this more Europe?).

Then, there is Myanmar. I have a reason I would like to go there in the next couple of years. Once called Burma and under military rule, the country is making great strides in opening to the world. I dream (literally have vivid dreams) of going to Myanmar. Thank you, Anthony Bourdain.

However, recent news has made me think twice about going there. Two journalists were jailed after exposing genocide against the Rohingya ethnic group. I read this group isn’t recognized as part of Myanmar. The government believes it is part of Bangladesh. So the Rhingyans are now persecuted.

However, my reason to go there is legitimate (can’t reveal it now), but I don’t know how I will feel when I do get there eventually. Guilty? Wonder? Happy? Unfortunately, I am not the most up-to-date with current news. I am making a conscious effort though, so I don’t unintentionally support anything.

It’s hard to know the balance, but the country is a wonder with a lot of history. I hope when I do fly out there, the situation will be much better for the Rhingyan people. Until then, I pray the government changes its actions and find a peaceful way to govern its people.



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