Cuban Adventures’ Cigar Tour

Hi Globetrotters,

When you think of Cuba, what comes to mind? I think vintage cars, Cuban rum and Cuban cigars. Of course, Mr. Lumberjack wanted to participate in the Cuban vices, so we signed up for a tour.

Jennifer (pronounced Yennifer), showed up with a air-conditioned old car, which was a nice change of pace from the top down ones. Jennifer is super bubbly and really excited to share information about Cuba. We really liked her as a guide.

First we went to a Cuban cigar factory in Central Havana, where a factory guide led us around the floors. Unfortunately, we weren’t allowed to take photos pass the lobby. Regardless, we learned a lot about the process, how to get the best quality and the employees’ pay and benefits. It was interesting.

Then, we drove to a campo, which was once a wealthy aristocrat’s home but now a small, public shopping center. The open center was a restaurant. There, we leanred the proper way to enjoy a cigar and how a cigar’s flavor can change based on coffee and flavor.

Now being the asthmatic that I am, i thought I would skip this part. However, I got curious, because when in Cuba…

Do as the Cuban’s do.

It was quite the experience. I love the smell of the Romeo & Juliet cigar without being lit. The taste was smoky, similar to bourbon. I took some rum and then coffee, and the cigar’s profile definitely changed.

I had to stop a third of the way in, because my body/mind stopped enjoying it. It was probably saying, “Do you want to struggle breathing in this heat right now?” Do I regret it? Not at all.

For the last stop of the tour, we went to a snall cigar museum in Old Havana. There was a map downstairs and one tiny room upstairs. Even though it was small, it was really neat to see all the lighters and pipes. There were lighters in the shape of a piano, a knight and so much more.

After that, Jennifer and us parted ways and we continued exploring Old Havana. I had a great time, and if you enjoy experiences more than sightseeing, click here for this tour.



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