Mariannik’s Airbnb Home

Hi Globetrotter,

I wanted to write one last time on my Cuba trip. We stayed at an Airbnb, which is a great way to “Support the Cuban People.” Mr. Lumberjack found Mariannik after doing some research.

Mariannik got great reviews on Airbnb. She offers a lot of services like airport pickup/drop off, breakfast, laundry etc. We chose a couple of the services.

The first one we did was the airport pickup; it was our very first vintage car ride. Mariannik met us at the door, and she went over so many helpful tips.

  1. Breakfast details
  2. Map
  3. Bus tours
  4. Day trips
  5. Internet

Mariannik is one busy and organized lady. She doesn’t own the property, but she helps manage it, because the owners don’t really understand Airbnb. She has tons of other properties too.

Side note: She also does photography and we saw her Instagram. She is really good.

The place was very clean and she supplied us with a safe and hygenic shampoos. It was very similar to a hotel.

On a Thursday, we ordered the breakfast service. Lucy stopped by in the morning after buying some fresh fruits. We had a delicious, and filling breakfast. Lucy was also kind enough to clean our Airbnb in the middle of our stay.

We had such a comfortable stay, and the fact that it is in the heart of Old Havana is awesome. When you head to Havana, please reserve with Mariannik. She is great.



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