Mommy-Daughter Peru Trip

Hi globetrotters,

I am happy to share that I will have my first mother-daughter trip, and it will be in Peru.

For many years now, my mom have endlessly complained about not travelling, but she is never willing to go to new places alone. She wants someone to plan everything for her and she just hops on a plane with someone.

Also, she has some weird thing about having to travel with my dad if my fiancé comes, because it will look “weird.” I have no idea what she is worrying about, but with these are the constraints I deal.

Well, I decided I would try this trip together. I say “try,” because my mom and I argue a lot, especially when she contributes nothing to the trip and I have to do everything on my own.

However, my mom said if this trip goes well, we will open Pandora’s box and she will fly to other countries. Of course, I will be very happy for her to do so.

My parents have afforded me so many trips when I was younger. I think when I started paying for myself, I was already at 11 countries. Therefore, I am very lucky and would like to return the gesture.

Wish me luck. I will report great things to see and do very soon.



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