Chicago Eats: Cabra

Hi globetrotters,

Anyone know what Cabra means in Spanish? It means Goat, and just like Stephanie Izard’s restaurants, this one is goat themed. Cabra is a new West Loop restaurant inspired by Goat and Peruvian food.

The one thing I have noticed from Instagram is this place has a top-notch rooftop. There are bonfires, shallow pools and lots of trees.

Since I knew my friend loves “vibes”, I decided to take him, Dennis’ out for a ‘Thank You’. Dennis took care of our dear boy, Loki, when we were out on vacation in Cuba.

And he must have done a good job. You know how I know? Loki was depressed the first couple days he was back with us. I mean literally depressed. Besides eating, he would not get up to cuddle or anything.

Enjoy the pictures. My food was good, but Mr. Lumberjack’s was not.

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